Friday, November 21, 2008

37... the new 29!!

I turned 37 on Sunday. Here I am at 36 on Birthday Eve.

(Patrick liked this photo... that's why I'm posting it. It was really hard not to smile.)

Patrick took me to dinner and to see Guys and Dolls. It was performed by a local theater troupe and they did quite a good job. Especially the actress who played Adelaide!! I love musicals... I am very grateful to have a husband that will take me to see them every so often. :)

It was a great. And since we hadn't managed to get out on a one on one date since sometime last spring, it was fun to make it a big one.

(Don't we look like we're in a Hobbit house or something?? Like we're so much bigger than the door?? Forced perspective I guess... I'm only 5'5". And look at his bare feet... I think he would like to be a Hobbit, cause he hates shoes. )

I've typically had a difficult time on my birthday, because of... well, you can read it here.

This year went better... I prayed for my brother and his family every time I felt a wave of sadness hit. It was good to have purpose in my struggle and to feel as though God is redeeming the day for His glory.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed... your prayers are the most valuable gift I could ever imagine!!

Well, I'm off to work on "My Heart for the Unborn" again... I think I've got one more chapter in this head of mine.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Linda! Looking great!

The Schmidts said...

Hobbit doors are round though :) Beautiful photo of you! -Rhiannon

CoachZ said...

We took the picture from a low point (our dining room table). It's kinda the same thing they do with Arnold Schwartzenneger and Sylvester Stalone in movies to make them look taller!

Heaven will not have shoes!

Love ya babe, thanks for a sweet date. You will forever be my girlfriend!

BTW does this new math make me 30 in Dec? Sweet!

Linda Z said...

Yes, boyfriend, you will only be 30!! Don't you like the new math?

Rhiannon... man you're a stickler... where am I going to get a round door! :)

And thanks for saying I look good, ladies! That is what one likes to hear when one is pushing 40! :)

Denise said...

you look gorgeous! your husband was right to make you post that picture.

i'm glad it was a good birthday for you.

nov. 16th was meant for victory! i tell myself this every year.
because my birthday too can cause grief. as i think of a baby girl born to a 15 yr old girl, and a 19 yr old boy. the first time that boy saw me, he said,"she's not my
daughter." and there on the day of my birth, Lies began to tangle itself around my life.
but God intended me for VICTORY!
he intended you for VICTORY!!!!

so i choose to celebrate that. and that God wrote me into his plan!
just as he wrote you!
isn't He wonderful!

Linda Z said...

Yeah for Victory in Jesus, Denise!!! You are so amazing and the way you celebrate your life in the Lord is so inspiring!!!

You are God's adopted daughter, which makes you one of my sisters, too! What amazing redemption we have in His family. :)

Sandy said...

Each time I read about your struggles on your birthday, I cry. I realize that you purposely didn't ever tell your dad or me about it for all those years because you wanted to spare us pain. That was a huge sacrifice on your part, but I wish we had "been there" for you as you faced each birthday. I'm so grateful that God in His mercy has revealed the genesis of it.

For us, your birthday is a time to celebrate the miracle of you birth and the joy we know in having you for a daughter. We could not be more blessed, you are a treasure.

Someday God will reunite our family. I can hardly wait. PTL

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.

Your dad and I love you more than you could imagine.

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