Friday, October 10, 2008

Favorite Fall Flourishes

Last night I pulled out a few little
Fall Flourishes

Leaves in the hurricane glasses

Berries for the napkins

But I have a definite favorite

I look forward to these little treasures every Autumn

No, not pumpkins...

They don't make my heart giddy
(although Jason does!)

These gems are so ugly, they're cute...

My little flock of gourds

Only a mother could love these silly little fellows

Oh, the bumpy, lumpy goodness

Thank you, Lord, for the gourd!


Sandy said...

You're funny!

Ok, I'm inspired...I just went and put my Indian corn display on the front door. Not as cute as a group of warty gourds, though.

Linda Z said...

I knew someone out there would appreciate my warty gourds. I should have known in would be you, mom... or should I call you Aunt Josephine! :) (You should never pick up a warty gourd... it might give you a horrible disease, or it might slip from your hands and fall and break your one non peg-legged foot!! :)

Sandy said...

I'm actually more concerned about your entire family growing warty hands from touching those ghouly guys. On second thought, it might make you into very good back-scratchers. You could open a kiosk at the Strawberry Festival.

Linda Z said...

We will take extra special precautions, ok?

Hey, remember when we used to write notes to each other as Gregis and Borrey? I just laughed through my nose thinking about it.

I'm going to move on from the gourds now...

Alana said...

I love all things fall...especially gourds!

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