Monday, September 22, 2008

A Poem for my Boys


Smiles and laughs

Jumps and tumbles

Sometimes a hug

And sometimes a rumble

Boys will be boys...

Or so we are told,

And brotherly love is

More precious than gold


Sandy said...

Ahhh! I love this. :o)

Justin said...

such a great family; hope you and pat are doing well; pat is so funny :) tell him to come down to mexico city sometime! haha! we've been here for 5 weeks and are having a blast!

Anna Hosking said...

Love the poem!
Love the pic!

Such cute boys.

Denise said...


Linda Z said...

Hey Justin!

I hope that my boys will have incredible hearts for God's work like you and your brother do!!

I'm excited that the Lord provided so that we can support you guys! :)

And ya, Patrick is funny... all he has to do is say something like "cornbread head" and I'm cracking up.

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