Saturday, September 6, 2008

He's a Cool Rider...

My hubby is going to be starting a new job on Monday. He kind of worked himself out of a job at his previous employer. He's one of those types that likes to juggle and manage several projects at the same time. I admire that, because that kind of thing just stresses me out! Anyway, after prayer and consideration, he put his resume out there and got an interview with a credit corporation where he'll get to do lots of juggling and problem solving. Even the interview process entailed quizzes and doing an on the spot management activity... it was kind of like a mini Apprentice, only Donald Trump was not there. All said and done, he is very excited for a new career adventure and thanking God for the provision.

At his last job, Patrick had some unused vacation time that would need to be cashed out. I really wanted it to be just for him, to buy something that he would enjoy... that would be a fun blessing. Something like a flat screen TV or a Vespa. Well, he's been very enthused about this new prospect!!! Last Sunday, he decided he wanted to look at Vespas and asked my dad to go up to SLO to test drive one, because he didn't have a permit yet.

Everyone, meet my dad. Dean. He is a Harley Davidson riding, former police officer who has been shot at in the line of duty. He has been a patrolman, a detective, a narc, and a motorcycle officer, among other things.

Alright, back to the Vespa. My dad got on that cute, little scooter, took a ride around the block and came back with... "That thing is squirrelly and small." "A guy on a Harley stopped next to me and I just wanted to die of embarrassment." "If you are going to use this to commute, why don't you look at a real bike?" (Nothing against Vespas, mind you... I still very much like their classic, 'Roman Holiday-esque' styling, but when my father starts talking about motorcycles, there's simply no turning back.)

After that, it was all over. This past week should be deemed motorcycle week here at Casa Z. I'm going to have to break out my faux leather newsboy cap in honor of it, cause I'm just not going to get a tattoo.

In the midst of all this motorcycle talking, motorcycle brochure looking, motorcycle dealership going, motorcycle internet researching, motorcycle cruise night attending week, my parents hugely blessed Patrick by offering to pay for a huge chunk of his new motorcycle. He was completely floored, and to make a long week short, he went and bought a motorcycle today.

Here is my Cool Rider

I wanted the Cherry Red... isn't she pretty??

He looks cute, don't you think?

Women friends keep saying that they are really surprised I let him do this... should I be worried?


jeninslo said...

No worrying! A motorcycle is the modern day equivalent of a "noble steed" for a knight, in my opinion.

I try to encourage Joe to take his (dirt bike) out more often (though, secretly, it terrifies me and you'll never catch me on it. I prefer "noble steeds" with actual legs).

Colleen said...

Ha ha that's exciting for Patrick. So, no more FCNI? I didn't know! They'll miss him. Thanks for the tutorial on playlists! I have one on my page now. Yay!

Denise said...

you should totally get some inkwork (tatoo)done. i mean your motorcycle people now, it goes with the territory.
i'd get a "tat" if we had a motor cycle,that's easy for me to say since that will be never.
has he named her, the bike?

and i loved the music today "your eyes" a favorite. have you ever heard it sung by nichole nordeman? so good.

Linda Z said...

Denise... hmmm, you're really making me think that maybe I should reevaluate the whole tat issue. I mean a rose with a cross for a stem might be a very attractive addition to my ankle. And then the motorcycle peeps would all see how I am doin' my best to represent, right? Did you know that motorcycle riders have a special wave they do as they pass each other?? It's very discreet, but Patrick does it now, because now he is a biker. :) He might name the bike Gertie after the red-headed clarinet player from Mr. Holland's Opus, Gertrude Lange, but I don't think he's decided yet. Any ideas?

Oh, and "In Your Eyes" is pretty much our song. You'll have to read his "Beauty and the Beast" entries to find out why. I do like Nicole, but I like Peter Gabriel's version the best for sentimental reasons! :)

Sarah Markley said...

no, don't be worried!

btw, have you entered the world of facebook yet?

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