Monday, September 1, 2008

Blog Commenting 101

More and more frequently, I find myself having conversations with people who seem to know more about me than I know about myself. My eyes squint and my eyebrows scrunch together as I try to figure out how they've become privvy to this personal information, and then my unibrow and I remember....

"Oh, I blogged about that 2 months ago." And then I feel very silly. And then I have a variation on the following conversation:

Me: "Oh, you must have read my blog!?"

Other person: "Ya, I really enjoy reading it. I liked the one about (fill in blank)."

Me: "Oh, good. Thank you! You don't have to lurk, you know! You can comment anytime..."

OP: "I just wouldn't know how to do that."

So I have a special little class just for you...

Blog Commenting 101

Step 1: Click at the bottom of the post where it says "0" Comments

Step 2a: If you want to make an account, go to "Choose an identity" and click "Sign up here." (It'll walk you through entering email and making a password), or...

Step 2b: If you don't want to make an account, just click the dot on anonymous instead

Step 3: Next, just type your comment in the box, type the word verification in the other box, and click on "Publish Your Comment"

Step 4: Congratulate yourself!! You have commented, my friend (or acquaintance or relative, or any combination thereof)!! :)

Note: If you post anonymously, please remember to sign your name at the bottom of the comment section, so I know who you are!!

Warning: This type of activity may inadvertantly prompt you to start a blog of your own.

Easy enough, right??

Ok, then, my secret readers....

Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!!


Court said...

You are so funny! I love to read blogs but sledom have time to read and comment...just so happens both kids are entertained at the moment:) Oh a moment to steal! Did you see my ABC's in my blog, I finally got around to doing it:)

Denise said...

so,i recently added a statcounter to my blog to see how many vistors i get in a day.. the number shocked me! what shocks me most is how few comments i have for how many vistors..
just say hello people!

btw- we were again in your neck of the woods for the holiday weekend..
so nice to be in cambria and at the beach, a big difference from the heat of the valley.

Sandy said...

People tell me they enjoy your blog, but I've never seen their comments. Maybe they are as intimidated as I am!!!

May I say to everyone out there...if you're new to commenting, write down your user name and password somewhere. I had a terrible time trying to comment a second time...duh..."what was that password again?" :o)

Tamara said...

Hi Linda! I love this post. The same thing happens to me ALL the time... when someone knows things b/c they've read my blog and then don't know how to comment. haha I might steal this from you! :) Hope you're doing well! So are you starting choir tonight?

charox said...

I've already fessed up and commented before, but I'm just going to confirm that I'm a fan of your blog! Keep postin'!--Charity

Colleen said...

Hi Linda! I just joined my sister in the blogspot world, and saw your blog. I like it, it's clever. I hope you and Patrick are well! So, while your at it... can you post a "Putting Music on Your Blog 101"? I greatly enjoy your playlist, and want one of my own, but I can't figure it out. Maybe it's as easy as commenting, and I am just too afraid of new things to figure it out. ;)

Linda Z said...

Court-Finally commented on the ABC post!! Sorry it took me awhile to read through it!! :)

Denise... it is shocking, huh? And one of these days we're gonna have to meet! BTW, Court says she knows you... she can vouge I'm not a crazy person... or maybe not.

Mom-I'm so proud of you for learning how to comment! :) I think you should give "Safety Sandy" tips!

Tamara-choir went well! Leonard's working hard!! Say hi to Glenn and Julie!

Charity-I need a new post from you! :)

Linda Z said...

Colleen! Didn't know you'd moved!! Sounds exciting!

The playlist is slightly more involved than commenting, but here are a few tips!!

1. Set up and account at

2. Go to "my playlists" and click on "start a new playlist"

3. Title and describe your playlist & submit it, then go to "click here to view playlists"

4. Click on your new playlist, click the tab "manage playlist" and click on "search for music"... search for the songs you like, and click the plus (+) sign to add them

5. Now go back to “my account” and click on the playlist and click on “generate code” and click on option “E” to generate a code for you blog

6. Choose whether you want it to autostart and/or to be randomly played and the chose the color and push “get code.”

7. Now copy the entire code (Control + c) and open your blogspot dashboard... choose “layout.”

8. At the bottom, click on “add a gadget” and choose “HTML/Java Script”... then paste your code (Control + P) under the content area and that should do it!! Don't forget to “save.” Have fun!

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