Sunday, August 10, 2008

I took a blogging break...

But now I'm back!!

There were a few things I had to take care of...

For instance, Mr. Willow Tree needed a haircut. Now that he has a new 'do I won't be tempted to play "Limbo Rock" anymore when visitors walk up my front path. Although that would have been fun.

Then I drafted up the Family Responsibility Management Plan or F.R.M.P. This plan will revolutionize the organizational structure of our home. Week one of implementation was a great success. Thank you family team members! :)

And then there was the great "Backyard Beach" operation. How many wheelbarrow loads does it take to move 3 cubic yards of sand from the driveway to the backyard?? We lost count, but the whole operation (research trip, weed removal and cleanup, grading, moving pea gravel, putting down weed barrier, and moving the mountain) took a whole Saturday! The boys now have the sweetest sand box under their play structure! I see a luau in our future!

I've also been working on another post... an emotional one for me. Hopefully I'll post in a couple days! In the meantime, you may want to stop by my husband's blog... he is chronicling our story. He calls it Beauty and the Beast. You've just gotta love teen romance!


Denise said...

it is fun to hear what you did on your blog break.
i want details of the f.r.m.p.
maybe something like that will help this homeschooling mommy not go crazy.

Sandy said...

Glad you're posting again. Can't wait to see the sandbox and maybe make a few roads and castles with the boys.

A little known fact: your dad and I won a Limbo contest on shipboard, returning from Hawaii, when we were twenty-something. If we tried it now, you'd have to serve us chicken broth in bed for a month!

Love you,

Karen said...

Our boys would love a sandbox - how fun!! I really enjoy checking out your blog, and I think you are such a great mom! I can also relate to your marriage, since Gil and I have grown up together. Hope you have a nice week on the Central Coast. :) Karen

Linda Z said...

Denise-f.r.m.p. is really no more than a "chore chart," but it has really helped me not feel like the "bad guy" reminding everyone of what they need to do. Hopefully, it will help us all do better with our responsiblities, and also scheduling projects that need to be done around the house!! I am amazed by home schooling moms... it must take so much organization!!

Mom-I would have liked to see you in that contest!! hehe

Karen-Thanks for your kind words... I sure have a lot to learn as a mom. All summer we've been working on sibling rivalry issues. How do your boys do together?

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