Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Picture Post.... Proof I Need a Flickr Account!!

Summer's in full swing!! Josh got out of school on June 13th and it alread feels like we've had quite the full summer!! I don't even know where the last few weeks have disappeared!! Anyway, here's the recap!!

Jason's 3rd Birthday!!! Featuring the "Cars" Feasting on Asphalt Cake!!

Josh finished up 2nd Grade!!

Indio: We saw my bro/sis-in-law and had "cousin time" in the desert! 110+ degrees!! Phew!!

Huntington Beach & DT Disney: We "camped" out at my bro-in-law's & goofed around

A Day at Univeral Studios

Home Town L.A. to visit with my high school friend, Nancy, and her newly adopted son!!! Praise God!! What a gift he is!!

Homebuilders: My Bible Study started up after a 2 + month break!! I'm so excited!

Big Sur: Calvary SLO Father/Son Campout for Josh & Dad... hmmm no pics of my honey came back on this one, but he and Josh really were there together!! LOL

Music and Worship Camp:

Phew!! All really fun stuff!! The rest of the summer we'll be keeping it pretty simple in comparison! I think it'll be all about strawberries and watermelon and meandering nature walks with Sophie!! We'll listen for birds and look for bugs and read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! Come join us if you'd like!!

1 comment:

Denise said...

WOW! what a summer you have had already. loads of fun!
We have been very busy, too busy, and it doesn't look to be slowing down.
i will enjoy it while it lasts, soon we are back to another year of HOME school (key word being home).

by the way you have a four slotted toaster (it is in your first pic :-),
i am envying your four slotted toaster (cake looks yummy too).

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