Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Sophie Story

Today marks the anniversary of the day our little pup came home to live with us. Little Sophie has quite a story...

It all began a couple of years ago at Taco Temple when we met Jaime and Jacob's dog, Murphy. I assure you, it is next to impossible not to fall for the little Murph, a chihuahua/terrier mix with the disposition of a well-trained "big" dog and a good companion for adults and children alike. I think he has ardent admirers all over the country, and at least 2 abroad. Eventually, we decided to look for a Murphy of our own, scouring ads, checking at shelters, and searching on

One beautiful Sunday morning, a stray cat walked into the gym where my church family meets. How does a cat play into this story? I'm so glad you asked, because my friend Deb and her son Ezra had been praying for a cat, and apparently God provided this one, right off the street and into their hearts. Friends on the playground were elated with Ezra's new pet and suggested Sophie as the perfect name for her. After consideration, he named her Gracie and welcomed her home.

Patrick loved the idea of letting God decide and provide which pet would be the best for us and wanted to give Josh the opportunity to see how the Lord works when we trust in Him and pray for His best. Unfortunately, I must admit that I was completely skeptical! How was God going to accomplish this? Was a pup just going to stroll into chuch one morning or would I find it sitting on the doorstep?

Nightly, we began praying that the Lord would bring the "best dog for us," and I would silently ask for a chihuahua/terrier. This went on for a couple months, and one day I simply couldn't stand it anymore, so I broke out the computer and started searching again. I found an adorable chihuahua/terrier in Santa Barbara and emailed the photo to Patrick... he immediately phoned saying, "It's really cute. Let's go and get it." The feelings of guilt that subsequently enveloped me were too much to bear. I said something like, "I am such a cheater!! I have no faith!! No, I can't do it." And that's when the trust began for me... I finally trusted that God could and would absolutely accomplish this small task, and that I just needed to believe.

Shortly after our conversation, Patrick's boss, stopped by his office and noticed the photo of the dog. She insisted that Patrick should take the afternoon off and go get the dog before someone did. He explained the situation and she eventually returned to her office. Ok, here's where it gets pretty wild, so hold on and be sure to pay attention!! The boss' officemate got a "random" email from her husband. The husband said that their neighbor had a puppy that another neighbor wasn't able to properly care for, and did he know anyone who would like a puppy, because he would be taking her to the shelter the next day if he couldn't find a good home. The boss says, "Patrick's looking for a puppy... email the photos to him."

Meanwhile, on the homefront... "Check your email... you won't believe this," Patrick relayed over the phone, "I think this is our dog." Woah! God is emailing us a dog within the hour??? I asked Patrick to call this neighbor and get more details... What kind of dog?? chihuahua/cairn terrier!!! ...Woah!! What's her name? Sophie!!! ...Woah!! How old? a couple months!! ...Woah!!! That's when we started praying for her!! This is amazing. So to make a long story somewhat short, Patrick brought her home that evening "on trial" one year ago today, and the adorable little ball of fur has been with us ever since.

Everywhere we go, we are asked where we got this little dog and we are happy to relate the "Sophie Story." It is a story of God's faithfulness to His sometimes doubtful and impatient children, who long to trust Him with every detail. There was no need to strive and accomplish everything in our timing, by our own wisdom. He is indeed more than able to do beyond what we could ever ask or imagine. We are thankful that He gave us a good and perfect gift, so that His name can be proclaimed as the Giver. We are thankful that He has increased our faith. We are thankful that He showed our little boy, in such a tangible way, how much He cares for him. We are thankful for Sophie.


CoachZ said...

It's so awesome to tell random people at the Strawberry Festival or our neighbors that God gave us Sophie.

They say things like, "Oh really how is that?" with a look on their face like please don't tell me...and we do!

Jaime said...

Love it. Give Sophie a big Italian kiss on the head for me!

Diane Marie said...

I just love your stories! Thanks again for making me smile! Both at you and our amazing God!!

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