Sunday, March 16, 2008

Over the Rainbow

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! And Happy Birthday to my wonderful Dad!! I love you!

Josh and I spotted this gorgeous rainbow outside our living room window during the last rains we had. He wanted to go looking for a pot of gold, but unfortunately it disappeared from view almost as quickly as it came.

We have, however, been trying to bring rainbows into the house through our eating habits, as of late. A couple years ago, my friend Deborah E., a former nutrition major at Poly, taught my women's Bible study about healthy eating habits. One of the things I remember her saying... eat a rainbow of foods every day. By eating more naturally colorful foods (no, bubble gum ice cream doesn't count), we are more likely to get the variety of nutrients we need. Kind of like the "5-a-day" rule, but with some visual appeal.

The last couple weeks, I've ordered a box of organic, pesticide-free veggies from Rutiz Farms. Here's what I got this week for $12 (plus 3 more kiwis, eaten immediately by 2 hungry leprechauns).

We are having a lot of fun trying to figure out ways to use these vibrant veggies. This weekend, I made a yummy braised fennel dish (up until this point, I hadn't ever seen fennel!!). In addition, Patrick concocted some homemade mint frozen yogurt... yummy!!

We're look forward to dishing up more colorful adventures!!! Bon Appetit!


aprilmae said...

Wow - I am not even a veggie person, but those all look delicious! And I am impressed by your healthy eating habbits!

PS The clipboard you made for Josh's student teacher is so cute! I bet she loved it!

Linda Z said...

I have to offset the chocolate intake somehow, right? I think it's kind of fun getting this "mystery box" every week. Somehow the veggies seem more special, like Bob and Larry, only they don't sing.

I think you need a clipboard for your next teaching assignment, too. Josh and I can teach you how to be Mod Podge savvy, and then you, too, can write in style. :)

aprilmae said...

Yes - maybe a Mod Podge craft day can be on the schedule for the future! I definitely need a clipboard.

Thanks so much for dinner - I love leftovers! It was fun hanging out!

Shelley Blackwell said...

Hi Linda,
I've been reading through some of your posts on your blog... feels good to reconnect even if it is in cyberspace. You have some insightful thoughts to share. Thanks. Also, Owen and your dad share the same birthday. Kind of fun! The veggies look fantastic, I wish they had something like that down here. Feeling pretty homesick lately and sort of struggling through lifes challenges but hopeful that the Lord is doing a work in me and in jeremiah.

Sending you are love,

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