Sunday, March 9, 2008

No Further Than my own Backyard

Sometimes I'm really quite astounded by the amazing musical talent that surrounds me. It's kind of like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz... if I want to go looking for my heart's desire, I don't have to go any further than my own backyard. Almost literally!

The last couple Fridays I've had the pleasure of sitting in on some live music at the Vertex, which is a new venue at New Life Church down the street. My friend Deborah, who is a really amazing songwriter and musician has been playing recently with the band called Only Everyone. They have a much different sound than I usually listen to, a sort of ambient, celtic sound, and I really enjoyed it. Chloe, the lead singer and driving force behind Only Everyone is a petite, humble woman, who has an incredibly powerful and haunting voice. She sings of her faith, her beliefs, and journey of desire for her savior. I feel as though she has given me permission to peer into her heart and join her pilgrimage. I also loved watching Deb skillfully play 3 keyboards, flute, percussion, and singing backing vocals, while looking completely cool and relaxed!! The other band members blended and supported Chloe beautifully, and I loved the added bonus of Chloe's twin sister rounding out the vocals.

This past Friday, I made my way back to check out another band, Lakes. Totally different crowd... mostly teenagers, for whom the Vertex was really geared. As a sidenote, I felt about 50+ years old at this concert, but really enjoyed it anyway. Seth Roberts, the lead singer, has a way of writing positive, thoughtful lyrics without sounding preachy or contrived. The melody lines are super memorable and the harmonies with fellow guitarist, Jason Massey, are so tight. I could listen to these guys all day (and sometimes do)... they remind me a bit of Switchfoot. I hope they come out with a new Lakes CD soon, but until then, I'll continue listening to my EP and older Watashi Wa (same Seth, different band) stuff.

On the homefront, I'm currently working on Requiem with Gracefull (the choir I'm singing with). It's a long, classically styled piece by John Rutter and it's beginning to grow on me. A lot of it is quite dark and minor sounding, quite appropriate for Good Friday. I used to like to avoid these types of pieces, and now I savor them. Without darkness, there can be no light, no dawn at the end of a long night. Its the darkness of the cross that makes the power of the resurrection astounding.

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