Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've been thinking about buying a few new iTunes. But I need a little help. I tend to always gravitate toward film scores, especially love themes. There is something about the emotion and beauty of them that often leads me to praise and worship. I especially love them on a road trip while driving through beautiful scenery.

As far as music with lyrics, I pretty much have to rely on other people to clue me in on what's good! So what have you been listening to lately? What has made you smile, made you think, ushered you into worship, or comforted a fragile heart? Would you recommend a tune, and tell me why it's special to you!! Thanks!


Sara said...

Hi Linda-

Lately I've been enjoying Phil Wickham, The David Crowder Band, and Jeremy Camp. I know these aren't necessarily new artists, but I've recently discovered them.


Joey, Katie & Judah said...

I just found your blog and I just got an ipod, so I'm way into new music right now. John Mark McMillan, Aaron Stumpel (enter the worship circle - chair and microphone), Sarah McMillan , Patty Griffin, anything Waterdeep.
Those are most played on my list, let me know what you think.

Linda Z said...

Sigh... why did I already spend my gift cards??? Katie, I am really loving your suggestions. I have really been liking folky, southern sounding stuff lately. Just discovered Patty Griffin and got a couple of her tunes. I really like Sarah McMillan... exactly the sound and edifying lyrics I have been looking for! That will probably have to be my next buy... iTunes can be dangerous, be careful!!

And Sara... those guys are really good, too! Glad you discovered them!! I bought a couple from the soundtrack of Once, because I remember you saying you liked the movie a lot. I love the harmonies between Glen and Marketa... so beautiful.

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