Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kid Quotes... A Family Tradition

When I was little, my mom would always write down funny things that my brother and I would say on random pieces of paper. Later, she'd dig them up and we'd read them and crack up together. I decided to keep that tradition going with the boys! Usually, I include the "Kid Quotes" in a Christmas card, but this year I got too busy and time just slipped by, so I thought I'd post them instead. Enjoy!

From Josh (ages 6-7)...

I think they have 3 Christmas tress! That's insane! They must be Christmas hounds!

I think mothers have better hearing than I do!

When I was coming home today, I was thinking about why God made me and what my purpose is.

Sometimes you just can't explain girls by science.

(About Sophie, our dog) She's after me, I'd better get scarce.

Do you want pork to be extinct? Then you shouldn't waste gas. The exhaust creates a blanket of poisonous gas around the earth and makes the earth hot. Then the pork will go into the highest mountain so they'll get cooler. And please don't put that in my quotes.

Sometimes Jason destroys everything, but to be honest, I do, too.

Jason is righteous... he has a halo around his head.

(A song Josh wrote) I do not (k)now what I want to be. I think I shood be in god's famlee. I (k)now that you carr, but I love you, And I need you. I need you Yes I need you I rilly Need you. I need you so much I love you you are my hope.

I love Jesus because He gave me my mom and dad, grandparents and brother.

From Jason (ages 1-2)

Yes, Mommy!

Sit, sit, sit... good dog!

Shakey walker!

Here ya go!

Bye-bye car, again?

Happy toe!

I love it!! Chocolate chip.... YES!!!

Woody, Jessie... Yee Haw!!!!

Good Morning, my Daddy!

I sooooo sad...

That's a funny guy!!

I can't find Nemo!! Oh... there he is!

Aren't kids a hoot??!! This kind of stuff definitely reminds my that they are such a blessing and gift from the Lord.


Sara said...

Your boys are so cute. Hope you and Patrick are feeling better. I can't imagine both being sick with 2 little ones. Let us know if we can take the kids at any time. We don't mind, really!

Jamie said...

That is such a great tradition to have. My favorite is josh's quote about girls and science. He is so perceptive and jason is just so prescious. Hope to see you soon at church! -jamie

aprilmae said...

Hi Linda! Thanks so much for the ecard - it made me laugh. I am so bummed you are still sick - I'm still praying for you all. I started my placement on Wednesday, so this is my second week. It is overwhelming, but I love my class. I need to start writing down what they say too! I love Josh's quote to not put his comment in his quotes. Both your boys are righteous! Let me know when you all are feeling better.

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