Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kid Quotes... A Family Tradition

When I was little, my mom would always write down funny things that my brother and I would say on random pieces of paper. Later, she'd dig them up and we'd read them and crack up together. I decided to keep that tradition going with the boys! Usually, I include the "Kid Quotes" in a Christmas card, but this year I got too busy and time just slipped by, so I thought I'd post them instead. Enjoy!

From Josh (ages 6-7)...

I think they have 3 Christmas tress! That's insane! They must be Christmas hounds!

I think mothers have better hearing than I do!

When I was coming home today, I was thinking about why God made me and what my purpose is.

Sometimes you just can't explain girls by science.

(About Sophie, our dog) She's after me, I'd better get scarce.

Do you want pork to be extinct? Then you shouldn't waste gas. The exhaust creates a blanket of poisonous gas around the earth and makes the earth hot. Then the pork will go into the highest mountain so they'll get cooler. And please don't put that in my quotes.

Sometimes Jason destroys everything, but to be honest, I do, too.

Jason is righteous... he has a halo around his head.

(A song Josh wrote) I do not (k)now what I want to be. I think I shood be in god's famlee. I (k)now that you carr, but I love you, And I need you. I need you Yes I need you I rilly Need you. I need you so much I love you you are my hope.

I love Jesus because He gave me my mom and dad, grandparents and brother.

From Jason (ages 1-2)

Yes, Mommy!

Sit, sit, sit... good dog!

Shakey walker!

Here ya go!

Bye-bye car, again?

Happy toe!

I love it!! Chocolate chip.... YES!!!

Woody, Jessie... Yee Haw!!!!

Good Morning, my Daddy!

I sooooo sad...

That's a funny guy!!

I can't find Nemo!! Oh... there he is!

Aren't kids a hoot??!! This kind of stuff definitely reminds my that they are such a blessing and gift from the Lord.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Original "Manly"

I have a little confession. I know it's the age of Brad Pitt and George Clooney and Zac Efron, and sure, these guys are pretty faces, but the one who gets to my heart is Walnut Groves' own Charles Ingalls. It's not that I want to live back in the 1800's or anything, but I think a guy like Charles can translate well into any century.

What do I like like about him? Here's the top 10...
1. His heart for God and others.
2. His hard-working attitude, with the ability to relax and enjoy life, too.
3. His walk of integrity.
4. His ablility to infuse truth with grace, like Jesus (Jn. 1:14).
5. His tender and protective love for his wife and daughters.
6. His ability to lead his family and gain their trust and admiration.
7. His willingness to both turn the other cheek and sow seeds of peace or being equally as willing to fight against injustice if necessary.
8. His decisions to forgive, love, be patient with, and bring out the good in others.
9. His humility when asking for forgiveness after wronging someone.
10. And finally, his mean fiddle playing and dancing talents. Yeeha!!

I know, I know... I realize that he is a fictional character. At least the way he was portrayed on TV. But, by golly, that's the kind of man I want, and amazingly enough, God has blessed me with a Charles of my very own (except for the fiddle bit!). We've had a couple difficult situations in our neighborhood recently, and I was pretty astounded to see the way my Charles handled them. He prayed and looked these situations head on. He sewed seeds of peace, protected his family, and extended God's love. Once he even said, "He's not going to talk to my wife like that," and I think I almost swooned. It was a Caroline moment for certain.

So, I love you, honey! Thank you for being my "Charles." Here's a tribute to Charles and Caroline with music from another "C" squared... Steven Curtis Chapman. Do you remember this song from our wedding? Tomorrow morning if you wake up....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dear Oprah...

The race for the next President of the USA is on! I've been looking at the candidates from both major parties and have been trying to gather some knowledge to make an educated vote come Novemeber '08. I came across an article regarding Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey and it spurned me on to write a letter to Ms. Winfrey. Here it is.

Dear Ms. Winfrey,

I just finished reading an article about your support of Mr. Obama. I am so glad to see that you are interested in and involved in the political process.

I would like to respectfully address what you were quoted as saying: "It's your time to seize the opportunity to support a man who, as the Bible says, loves mercy and does justly." Perhaps Mr. Obama loves mercy and does justly in many areas, but I have a major concern. He is a staunch supporter of abortion, including late-term and partial birth. Mercy and justice cannot be equated with the brutal and inhumane ending of children's lives.

I know, Ms. Winfrey, that you value learning and growth in your life. I implore you to learn more about what goes on in abortion mills. Please visit some, look at photos, hear stories about how woman and children are harmed from this violent procedure.

I learned that in slave days, African American people were only considered to be a percentage of a person. I am so glad that President Lincoln and others put their lives at risk to fight that lie. In the same vein, I want a president who will look at a baby in the womb and say, "That is 100% human, and I will do all I can to protect, and to give him/her the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Thank you so much for considering and contemplating what I have said. I pray that God would give you understanding, and that this issue would grieve your heart as it does mine.
Linda Zalamea
To those of my dear friends who have experienced abortion first hand, may our great and compassionate God continually bring you His healing. I pray that, in Jesus, you would walk in an abundance of life, as you deeply abide in Him. I love you, dear ones.
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