Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Adventure and the River Glorious

My brother-in-law, Alvin, was up visiting last week,
and we had ourselves a little adventure!
Here's the footage...

(If you want to hear the sound better, pause the music at the bottom of the blog first.)

We took off 4x4ing in the beautiful countryside behind Lake Lopez and ended up in Creston.

We brought along a book we've been going through and had a sweet devotional time.
Quite coincidentally, the next song
in "Hymns for a Kid's Heart"
"Like a River Glorious"
by Frances Ridley Havergal
So we sat by our little river in God's beautiful creation
and learned of a woman who loved Jesus and sang for His glory.
Like a river glorious is God's perfect peace,
Over all victorious in its bright increase;
Perfect, yet it floweth fuller every day,
Perfect, yet it groweth deeper all the way.
Stayed upon Jehovah, hearts are fully blest,
Finding, as He promised perfect peace and rest.
We also sang "I've got a River of Life Flowing out of Me" with the motions of course.
And ended with a prayer.
And we took lots of pictures and skipped a lot of rocks...

The one good photo of me! :P

My Lil' Huck and Tom


The Boyz
Sweet times!! High adventure!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Heart for the Unborn: Part 4

(Read part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here.)

In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;

in the morning I lay my requests before you

and wait in expectation.

Psalm 5:3

I have never audibly heard the voice of God, but there have been many times in my life He has distinctly spoken to my heart. As I prayed the morning I would have my first ultrasound, I was given a very clear answer. I asked God to prepare my heart for whatever the ultrasound might reveal... specifically, that if I was carrying a Down's baby, I would have an unconditional, God-given love for it. The answer came before I even stood up, and it was two-fold. The baby did not have Down's Syndrome and it would be a boy... not the girl I was convinced it would be. The secondary answer actually surprised me more than the first, as this pregnancy (with migraines and stroke-like symptoms) had been so different from my pregnancy with Josh.

Indeed, the technician confirmed what I already knew, and I remember Patrick was surprised that I wasn't taken aback by any of it. It was one of many gifts God would give to me in conjunction with this pregnancy.

Other gifts came in the form of verses given to me by three different women on the same day. I wrote Isaiah 43:2 (from a beautiful mother a 3), 1 John 4:18 (from a beautiful friend struggling with infertility), and Psalm 18:2 (from the beautiful woman who gave birth to me) on little 3x5 cards and packed them for the hospital. These were such treasures and affirmations of God's presence throughout Jason's delivery as Patrick faithfully read them to me. I'm not sure how I even heard this Scripture through all of my yelling, but somehow the Word transcended.

And then there was the gift of the doctor who happened to be on call at sunrise on June 10, 2005. Not my normal doctor, but the one I had prayed for and God graciously allowed to be there... the one that didn't make me feel like a number or a bad girl. I know this will sound so bizarre, but he asked me if I wanted to see my placenta, as I was comfortably nursing my newborn. He called it an amazing home that had been so perfectly made for my baby, and I felt like in that moment he was affirming the blessing of life. I get tears in my eyes even thinking how much that meant to me.

I am so amazed and thankful for 2 adorable little boys. They are a blessing I never thought I would have. You see, I had a series of health issues in my 20's, and I honestly didn't think I'd ever be able to conceive. I had a few adopted friends growing up, and I was completely at peace about taking that route... something Patrick and I had agreed upon while we were courting. Recently, as we have been talking and praying about having another child, we have been given direction once again. Having another biological child is not in God's plan for our family... in fact, I would feel disobedient in doing so. No, this child whether unborn, or a child perhaps living in my own community, will be one who needs our family, and we will have the honor of adopting just as God adopted us into His own family.

And thus begins our journey to become Foster Adopt parents.
We will wait in expectation...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Come, Emmanuel

"Love that begins us,

Pardons and wins us,

Come and reign in us,


This year, I learned a new song called "Come, Emmanuel." Not the traditional one, which is also one of my favorites, but I realized that I love music that speaks of the incarnation... Emmanuel, God with us.

I've been studying the book of Joshua and recently read the account of the Israelites setting up Shiloh, as the site in the midst of the Promised Land, that would be set apart for the tabernacle. Shiloh is actually a word that refers to Messiah. I think it is such a beautiful foreshadowing and also speaks so much of a God who is not aloof, but wants to dwell with us, in the center of our existence. He communed with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening in the Garden, He was a covering by day and the light by night while the Israelites wandered through the wilderness, He dwelled among His people in the tabernacle... And then His very Word became flesh and dwelt among us, Yeshua the Christ.

As I sit typing, Sophie's warm little dog body is limp with sleep on my feet. And when I get up, my children will follow me as a walk to another room. Our hearts are wired for community, aren't they? We long to be with one another, to be known by one another. Our Creator has made us in His image, with the desire to commune.

In the midst of the Christmas hustle and bustle, I am reminding myself that I need to commune with Emmanuel, letting Him reign in me as I commune with others. I don't want to miss His presence, His glory, or His beauty. He is indeed, Emmanuel, God with us.

Do you have a favorite song, celebrating Emmanuel? I would love to hear about it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Movie...

I'm not certain if Little Women qualifies as a Christmas movie,
but if it does, it's my favorite.
My darling husband gave me a little break this evening, so I'm holed up in my bedroom watching the March family... and Laurie.
And sipping my favorite tea... thank you, my darling husband.
Oh, all the love and generosity and sacrifice and sisterhood and perseverence...
I've already cried 3 times.
What's your favorite Christmas movie?

Friday, December 5, 2008


It just occured to me as I was sitting and cuddling with my little J-bear (who incidentally is doubling as Superman in his caped pajamas these days), that I must have started blogging about a year ago. I went back to my first post and yes, indeed, my "blog-iversary" was yesterday, December 4th.

Some thoughts on year 1...

I've savored processing my thoughts in this way.
I've remembered that I once really loved to write, and I'd forgotten that until now.
I've learned so much reading about other people's lives in "blogland."
I've enjoyed making new friends and keeping the old.
I've shared my heart and been encouraged by others who have shared their own.
I've accumulated about 10 gray hairs... but I think that may just be a coincidence and not blog related. I don't think it can be scientifically proven either way. :)

Year 2, here we go...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Closing Out the Month of November

I loved doing the Thanksgiving Challenge...
so now I thought I'd post the month for posterity!


Nov. 30 A super full day with friends and family and praises of Jesus' birth
Nov. 29 A husband who pursues "oneness" with me
Nov. 28 Montana de Oro... enough said!! :)
Nov. 27 Family and friends and the Lord of the Harvest
Nov. 26 My awesome chiropractor... oh, what a little crack will do! :)
Nov. 25 Cold, refreshing rain and warm fuzzy blankies
Nov. 24 Seeing Josh play Squanto in his class play
Nov. 23 Getting to know new friends over lasagna dinner
Nov. 22 A clean home and clean cars
Nov. 21 My brain still having the ability to memorize and retain 14 pieces of music at once.
La la la
Nov. 20 A new adventure on to the horizon ;)
Nov. 19 The gas station attendant who washed my windshield and gave me a white rose... so sweet.
Nov. 18 Inspiration from my friend, Maureen
Nov. 17 Making new friends and keeping the old
Nov. 16 Birthday Blessings...
Nov. 15 A dinner date with my honey!
Nov. 14 Some beach weather in November!! :P
Nov.13 Gas is at $2.55 a gallon. Wohoo!
Nov. 12 Choir practice tonight... singing praises to God, united with His body in beautiful harmony!!
Nov. 11 The special time I got to spend with Josh on our little date
Nov. 10 My brother-in-law, Alvin! Happy B'day, Bro!
Nov. 9 A new niece named Avalon Jane :)
Nov. 8 My husband, who agreed to take motorcycle safety class!
Nov. 7 The little elf who helped me clean the shower with Simple Green this morning!
Nov. 6 A little 3 year old who cuddles with me every morning after he wakes up
Nov. 5 Resting in the knowledge that God is in control
Nov. 4 Abundant life
Nov. 3 A family who loves me when I'm unlovable
Nov. 2 The crisp Fall air
Nov. 1 My savior, Jesus

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Thankful for Him...


The sun cannot compare to the glory of Your love;
There is no shadow in Your presence.
No mortal man would dare to stand before Your throne,
Before the Holy One of heaven.

It's only by Your blood,
And it's only through Your mercy.

Lord, I come.
I bring an offering of worship to my King.
No one on earth deserves the praises that I sing.
Jesus, may You receive the honor that You're due.
Oh Lord, I bring an offering to You.

Oh Lord, I bring an offering to You.

by Paul Baloche

Happy Thanksgiving, All!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Harvest Mix

The kids and I planned and bought some ingredients for a...
Thanksgiving Harvest Mix

I got the idea here
And then tweaked it a bit
Here are the ingredients for our mix:

Bugles: A cornucopia of blessings and
a thankful heart for all of God's abundant blessings

Candy Corn: The sacrifice of the Pilgrims first winter.
Food was so scarce that settlers survived on just a few kernels of corn a day.

Craisins: Representing nuts and berries
the Pilgrims gathered in the new land.

Pumpkin Seeds: Promise of a future harvest,
one we will reap only if seeds are planted and tended with diligence.

Pretzels: Arms folded in prayer,
a freedom sought by those who founded our country.

Chocolate Chips: Sweet times spent with family and friends.

(Based on a recipe by Cynthia Townley Ewer)

We are planning to take our Harvest mix on a fun little nature hike over the holidays.

Hopefully it will be a good opportunity to cultivate attitudes of gratitude.

Friday, November 21, 2008

37... the new 29!!

I turned 37 on Sunday. Here I am at 36 on Birthday Eve.

(Patrick liked this photo... that's why I'm posting it. It was really hard not to smile.)

Patrick took me to dinner and to see Guys and Dolls. It was performed by a local theater troupe and they did quite a good job. Especially the actress who played Adelaide!! I love musicals... I am very grateful to have a husband that will take me to see them every so often. :)

It was a great. And since we hadn't managed to get out on a one on one date since sometime last spring, it was fun to make it a big one.

(Don't we look like we're in a Hobbit house or something?? Like we're so much bigger than the door?? Forced perspective I guess... I'm only 5'5". And look at his bare feet... I think he would like to be a Hobbit, cause he hates shoes. )

I've typically had a difficult time on my birthday, because of... well, you can read it here.

This year went better... I prayed for my brother and his family every time I felt a wave of sadness hit. It was good to have purpose in my struggle and to feel as though God is redeeming the day for His glory.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed... your prayers are the most valuable gift I could ever imagine!!

Well, I'm off to work on "My Heart for the Unborn" again... I think I've got one more chapter in this head of mine.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

The Patrick + Linda = Panda Forever
Teenage romance as told by PZ

Have you read any of "Beauty and the Beast?" Patrick has been chronicling our courtship story as of late. We met at 17 and 18 (he's older, by the way), 19 years ago this month.... woah!!! So it is teenage romance at its silliest. I think they are hilarious, but maybe that's because I was there.

On a drive to Malibu, my college pastor said something like, "I never used to get you two and now I do. Patrick thinks he's the funniest guy on earth, and you are his biggest fan!!"

"That's pretty much it!" I giggled.

I was uncontrollably laughing at the time 'cause Patrick (who went by Pat at the time... ) had made some crack involving the phrase "cornbread head." He knows how to tickle my funny bone, and after reading these accounts, he's still got it.

So, hope you enjoy! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hometown Harvest Parade

Every Fall,
there's a festive little Harvest Parade
in my town.

I saw a darling donkey... or was a mule?

Melodious marching bands...

A lovely lass in a red wagon...

Hilarious hardware hoofers...

A daring derby driver...

A fantastic fire truck...

Wait a minute...

Let's zoom in closer!!
I thought this one looked familiar!!

It's my handsome son looking so dapper
in his Cub Scout uniform!!

I could hardly stand how cute he looked in his first parade!!

I had to bite down on the knuckle of my forefinger...

just so I wouldn't shout out something completely embarrassing, something like...

"There's my lil' muffin...
you look so cute
I could just eat you right up!!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Clothed by the King

A couple of Saturdays ago, I took the boys to the library and was pleasantly surprised to find a book sale in full swing. While I was considering a few titles, Miss Marion the Librarian announced that whatever would fit into a paper grocery bag could be taken home for only $2. Oh, now you are speaking my language, Miss Marion. So I loaded my bag up with a stack of biographies and a Grisham for Patrick.

Currently, I'm immersed in the life story of Naomi Judd. Her mother, Polly, had a love of language and words, inspiring her daughter to have an adept grasp of the English language. When the kids heard a word on the radio they were unfamiliar with, she would have them write it on an index card. They had to know how to spell the word, give its definition, and use it correctly in a sentence by the next evening's dinner. A phrase she would often repeat to Naomi was...

"Words are the clothes our thoughts wear, and I know you love to be well dressed!"

For the past few days, I've been dwelling on the spiritual implications of this little saying. Words are such powerful things, aren't they? Sometimes it's hard to even determine whether our thoughts are dressed with words or if the words in our society have dressed our thoughts. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Paul encourages us to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience... forgiveness... and to put on love, which binds us together (Colossians 3). I think it's the chicken and the egg at the same time. These kinds of well dressed words spring forth from thoughts that are taken captive and made obedient to Christ and at the same time, words that we choose to clothe ourselves with.

I don't think I'll ever slip into a $200 pair of jeans or own a cashmere sweater, but everyday I have the opportunity to clothe myself in the beautiful clothes of the King.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doing the Happy Dance

"Once upon a time,
on the north shore of Long Island...

there lived a small girl on a large estate."

~Sabrina Fairchild~

As a hobby, my hubby does movie reviews online.

So the UPS guy drops random movies on my doorstep.

Today he left these... oh yipee, I'm doing the happy dance right now!!

Tonight I'll be watching Audrey Hepburn featurettes until I can't keep my eyes open.


"At midnight, I'll turn into a pumpkin

and drive away in my glass slipper."

~Princess Ann~

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Heart for the Unborn: Part 3

(Read part 1 here and part 2 here.)

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139:13-14

I don't remember when I first began to develop a heart for the unborn. I suppose it was during elementary school. As a child, I remember wondering why mothers were taking their babies' lives... I suppose it was because I wasn't that many years removed from being a baby myself and I took it very personally. My mother had told me stories of the 3 miscarriages she had suffered between my brother and I. She held two of the tiny, perfectly formed babies, a girl and a boy, in the palm of her hand and wondered at all their beautifully developed features. Early on, I was told that my birth was a blessing and an unexpected miracle to her and my dad. As a result, it didn't make sense to me that a woman would want to purposely take her own child's life.

It wasn't long before I discoved that my beliefs about the sanctity of life in the womb were quite unpopular. In the eighth grade I prepared a speech on the topic of abortion, hoping that if fellow students understood the truths behind this procedure, surely they would be influenced to make good choices in the future. Many boys were curious to see the gory pictures (I think it was the shock value) and were surprised to actually be able to make out dismembered arms and legs. Several comments were uttered, such as, "Oh, I thought it was just a blob of tissue, but look that's an arm..."

Most of the girls didn't want to look. And then there were those who were visibly angered, and told me that what I had said was not true and that it wasn't any of my business what they wanted to do with their own bodies. For the next couple of days, I became the topic of conversation and the target of mean stares and embittered comments.

For many years, I made the pridefilled assumption that women who were pro-choice were either heartless or ignorant. College years and my twenties introduced me to about a dozen women, friends who had chosen to abort their babies. The issue took on a face and a life as I learned these women's stories and how they had arrived at their decisions. There were some who thought they were too young to mother a child and couldn't fathom any other option, others who had been convinced abortion was an acceptable form of birth control, others who were ashamed to tell their families, and most who had been told by Planned Parenthood representatives that they were making a good "choice."

All of the stories had a common conclusion. Each of the women struggled with tremendous guilt and pain spiritually and emotionally, and sometimes physically. Each woman deeply regretted the choice she had made and wished she could go back and do things differently. And each woman found forgiveness and healing through her Savior... Jesus Christ. In time, He diminished their pain and they laid their children in His hands.

During my college years, I also met a darling woman named Dene. Her husband was in my wedding, and was one of the first real friends Patrick had in his Christian journey. One weekend we went to Dene's house for a birthday party and a photo hanging on the wall caught my attention. It was a little girl shaking hands with the President... I believe it was Ronald Reagan. When I asked Dene about it, she told me about her adopted sister, Gianna, who had been aborted, but survived the saline procedure. Gianna has since become one of my heroes in the faith, not just because she is a pro-life advocate and the actual voice of the unborn, but because she has a deep compassion for the women who carry them. She unashamedly speaks of the grace of Jesus and asks us to consider our stance on the issue in light of what He speaks through her miraculous survival.

I hope you'll take the time to be blessed and challenged by her message...

(Note: Before you listen, please scroll down to the bottom of the blog and pause the music... then you'll be able to fully hear Gianna's voice!!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Portrait

We hung out at the Avila Valley Barn today.

I was hoping to capture a good family portrait.

Many thanks to the stranger that captured it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Heart for the Unborn: Part 2

(Read Part 1 here)

Sons are a heritage from the LORD,

children a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

On the days when I am struggling the most with my relationships with my boys, I remind myself of this verse. My flesh and the world around me tempt me to think of them as a burden or a sacrifice of time and energy, but God sees them as a blessing and a legacy. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14 Oh, how I want to be continually humbled in this manner, to have my Savior's heart for my children every moment. I fail and I confess... and God continually teaches me and refines me.

As my pregnancy with Jason progressed, I asked the Lord to help me through my prenatal experiences at the doctor's office. About halfway through, I got the results of the triple screen test I had taken, so we would be aware of any genetic abnormalities and make any preparations necessary. My doctor called and said there was an increased risk for Down's Syndrome and that she wanted me to go in for genetic counseling.

Patrick and I went in together. The genetic counselor was very matter of fact and described chromosomal abnormality related to Down's. She suggested that we schedule an amniocentesis to conclusively determine if we had a Down's baby and with that knowledge, we would have the opportunity to abort our child. I expressed that I didn't feel comfortable doing a test that could possibly harm the baby or induce a miscarriage. Was there any other way we could prepare ourselves to know if this was possibly a Down's baby?

The counselor's response was quite harsh. She said we could have ultrasounds to see if the baby was measuring accurately. Then, she proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't have had the test in the first place. If I wasn't willing to have further testing done, I shouldn't have bothered at all. I explained that I just wanted to prepare my heart ahead of time for any differences from the norm. Narrowing her eyes, she suggested that next time around, I shouldn't waste anyone's time. If I wasn't willing to abort the baby, the test wasn't necessary as far as she was concerened. Patrick could see my temper beginning to boil, and shot me the "it isn't worth it" look, so I calmed down and thanked the counselor for her input. It was an unexpected education... I hadn't realized that the term genetic counseling implied such blatant abortion advocacy.

A couple of days ago, my mom asked, "Do you remember what Patrick said when you told him the baby might have Down's Syndrome?"

I admitted I couldn't recall, exactly.

He said, "God will teach us to love in a whole new way, won't He?" I love that man.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fairies & Fancies

My friend, Jamie, recently posted a beautiful collage she created at polyvore.com.

So I thought I'd try it since I'm stuck at home with a nasty illness.

It didn't make my throat feel any better, but...

I have to admit that it was pretty fun being girly.

It's kind of Audrey Hepburn meets Beatrix Potter...

Don't you think?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Heart for the Unborn: Part 1

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down

from the Father of the heavenly lights,

who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17

Four years ago, Patrick was layed off from a job where he'd only been gainfully employed for about a month. I felt as though someone had punched me in the gut, and then a general feeling of nausea persisted for the next few days. As we struggled to trust in God's sovreign plan, the nausea just didn't subside. One pregnancy test later, I confirmed that we were indeed jobless and expecting. We laughed at the ironic comedy of it all. God has amazing timing, doesn't He? This would surely be a lesson in believing that.

Unsure of how we should break the news to my folks, we did what any jobless, expecting couple would do... we told Josh to tell the big secret. My mom, in true form, cried tears of joy, and my dad smiled and said, "Well, finally, some good news!!" Their reaction was such a great encouragement to our hearts. The miracle of this new little life was a great gift in the midst of a trial...

It was cause for rejoicing and hope for the future.

The circumstances surrounding my pregnancy with Jason made for a very different prenatal care experience than I'd had with Josh. We filed for unemployment and Medi-Cal, as well, since we had no insurance, and no one wanted to insure a pregnant woman at a reasonable rate. This meant a change in my OBGYN and the office staff I was so familiar and comfortable with.

The new office was cold and clinical. The office assistant seemed devoid of emotion as she handed me a pile of paperwork to fill out. There were so many questions about whether I was using drugs or drinking. I felt as though they were assuming the worst of me.

My new doctor greeted me with professionalism, but no sense of warmth. I remember feeling as though I had done something wrong, and I fought feelings of shame. I desperately wanted her to congratulate me and show excitement for this new life, but instead she asked how I felt about the baby and whether or not it was even wanted.

"Yes it is wanted. We are so excited about this baby," I said as my face reddened and my eyes began to sting.

I tried not to allow the tears which were welling up in my eyes spill over onto my cheeks. As I left the office, I decided that the joy of the Lord would have to be my strength.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Favorite Fall Flourishes

Last night I pulled out a few little
Fall Flourishes

Leaves in the hurricane glasses

Berries for the napkins

But I have a definite favorite

I look forward to these little treasures every Autumn

No, not pumpkins...

They don't make my heart giddy
(although Jason does!)

These gems are so ugly, they're cute...

My little flock of gourds

Only a mother could love these silly little fellows

Oh, the bumpy, lumpy goodness

Thank you, Lord, for the gourd!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm still here...

Wow, it's been a while since the last post!! Sorry, I've been painting and painting and painting some more!! The boys' rooms, my room, and a bookshelf!! And we replaced the carpet... more on that later!! All in the same week an a half... are we crazy?? My house still looks like we are either moving out or moving in... boxes and stuff everywhere!! It's mayhem, I tell you, but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to you friends who shared verses!!! I happened to have enough bookmarks left for all of you!! So Nicole, Colleen, Denise, Liz and Sarah M. .... you can email me your info at mrsz500@yahoo.com , and I'll send you a lovely, laminated bookmark! Drea and Jen, I'll catch you two at church!! And by the way, Drea, your "Pleated Poppy" clips were very cute today!! Looking forward to hearing from you, friends!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be Strong and Courageous

My women's Bible study is studying the book of Joshua.
My favorite verse is 1:9.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.
Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God
will be with you wherever you go."

It was given to me by a friend my first year in college. I was scared and unsure... venturing into new territory. That verse became a part of me as I meditated on it. God used it to minister to my heart and challenge me to step out in faith.

God continues to speak to me through it almost 20 years later.

Do you have a special verse like that?

If so, I'd love to hear it and know why it is special to you.

And... I'd love to send a couple randomly selected commentors a bookmark... just because.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Poem for my Boys


Smiles and laughs

Jumps and tumbles

Sometimes a hug

And sometimes a rumble

Boys will be boys...

Or so we are told,

And brotherly love is

More precious than gold

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Goin' on a Rooster Hunt

Gonna catch a big one....

I'm not afraid!!

I live in a rather unique city. The old village area is home to several roosters who roam free and cock-a-doodle-doo to their hearts' content. I'm not sure how they came to reside there, but they have become mascots of sort.

One afternoon, the boys and I decided to go on a rooster hunt. We hunted over brick walls, under flags, through alleyways, around trash cans, across iron benches, and atop green grassy spots.

There were iron roosters and roosters made of twisted metal, a hay rooster, and a painted rooster. They peeked at us from store windows and perched themselves in pretty fenced yards. But not a one walked or doodle-dooed.

Oh, what's that up ahead? A hen house, or in this case, a rooster house?? Surely, we were getting closer!!!

And then Jason squealed and ran toward this big guy...

And Josh ran toward this handsome boy...

And I noticed this stately fellow...

And we all chased the little one...

No, we never caught one... but it was sure fun trying!!!

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